Bandoleros – Sponsored by Schira Subways

Ages 8-14
Using the same magic formula that made the Legends Cars the most mass-produced competition car in history, officials of the USLCI have introduced the Bandolero Car, sponsored by Schira Subways. The Bandolero Car is a turnkey, spec-series racer designed for drivers as young as eight years old and the young-at-heart at any age.

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The Bandolero Car serves as a steppingstone between a Midget or kart and is a race car that is simple for everybody to use. The driver operates a Bandolero in a similar manner to a kart with left foot braking. The car is equipped with a centrifugal clutch, so the driver does not have to shift gears.

The Bandolero Car’s motivation is provided by a thumping Briggs and Stratton 570cc Vanguard engine mounted behind the driver. Small modifications have been made to the engine to bring the once 20 HP stock engine to nearly 30 HP.

2022 Bandolero Drivers

Grayson Jewell
Maddie Neaves
Henry Neufeld
Leni Carrier
Carter Neudorf
Nevaeh Stewart
Tayah Saadon
Charlee Carrier
Tanner Emond

Street Stock – Sponsored by Golf’s Car Wash

The Street Stock Division, sponsored by Golfs Car Wash, is one of the most common divisions in North America with almost every track having some version of a Street Stock. Based originally on a domestic car with a minimum wheelbase of 101-inches, the favourites are Camaros, Firebirds, and Monte Carlos with full roll cage and driver safety systems.

2022 Street Stock Drivers

Jordan Dalsgaard
Scott Kozak
Kohl Maclaggan
Bryan Johnson
Criss Jeffries
Scott Barrand
Bill Gierl
Mike Rea
Kim Heilman
Andrew Clewes
Ryan Fredrickson
BJ Wilson
Harold Edwards

Pro Truck – Sponsored by 

The Pro Truck Division, sponsored by , was a new division in 2006. These trucks do not start life as a factory pickup truck, but are built as racing vehicles with some limitations on them to help reduce operating costs.

2022 Pro Truck Drivers

Brennan Kirton
Rob Naismith
Michael Dionne
Cole Nixey
Alex Leschenko
Bill Zubrecki
Mitch Bone
Dusty Carrier
Mitchell Stewart

Sportsman – Sponsored by 

The Sportsman division, sponsored by Shell V-Power Nitro, is comprised of former Cascar Western and Cascar Sportsman series cars.

The cars are based upon a perimeter style race car chassis. It incorporates fiberglass body styles modeled after the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series which are meant to closely resemble production cars.

2022 Sportsman Drivers

Aaron Anderson
Alyssa Derdall
Ryley Schneider
Shantel Kalika
Justin Howlett
Brad Wrennick
Lachlyn Anderson
Sam Howlett
Neil Schneider

Pro Late Models – Sponsored by 

prolate model
Sutherland Automotive Speedway’s Pro Late Model Division is a fairly common racing division in North America. Different versions of SLMs can be found at many tracks, and these cars are similar to the NASCAR regional series and Pro Cup Series cars seen on T.V.

2022 Pro Late Model Drivers

Matthew Shirley
Dave Bone
Kenny Heintz
Ian McLean
Hayden Hoogeveen
Jim Gaunt
Jared Reddekopp
Aaron Deagnon
Alex Leschenko
Kevin Dyck
Nicole Sheetka
Pete Harris
AJ Morrison
Matthew Bertsch
Tim Kammer
Tony Terrance
Sam Howlett
Trevor Hannay
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