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Junior Racing Development Program

Stock Car Racing | Age 8-17

The SSCRA’s Junior Racing Development Program is designed to teach youth ages 8-17 the fundamentals of racing beginning with car control, racing lines, car maintenance, operation of a race vehicle, and track safety. The final goal of this program is for youth to develop the skills needed to compete in the Bandolero (Ages 8-14), Ministock or Street Stock,  (ages 14+) divisions that race in Saskatoon and across North America.

Many graduates of this program are currently racing at the Sutherland Automotive Speedway in Saskatoon and on a national stage.

The Junior Racing Development Program began in 2010 when we acquired a 1989 Honda CRX dual-seat training car. Juniors learned the basics in automotive, including changing tires, oil changes, and the usage of basic safety equipment such as jacks and jack stands.
By 2011, Junior Racing Days was already seeing immense growth in interest and participation. So, in 2012, we added two more junior racing cars to the program – a Ministock and a Thunderstock. Today, we have a roster of two Pro Trucks, and a Street Stock.

 To sign up or need more information, please contact Jeff Kozak at tazkozak@sasktel.net 

Ride & Drive 


The Ride & Drive experience is for those who want to get behind the wheel and see if they have what it takes to race! Ride along with a professional race car driver, then hop in the driver’s seat to try it for yourself!

To schedule your Ride & Drive or need more information, please contact Jeff Kozak at tazkozak@sasktel.net 


Streetcar Test Drive


Get behind the wheel of your own vehicle and prove how fast you can really go! You’re permitted to timed 2-lap runs, as many as the schedule allows. You must be the registered owner of the vehicle or have the owner present to participate.

For more information, please contact Jeff Kozak at tazkozak@sasktel.net 


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