SSCRA – Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association


2024 General Meetings

Memberships are due and must be paid for prior to the April 15, 2024 meeting.

January 22, 2024 @ 7PM
January 15, 2024 @ 7PM

Location: John Remai Centre

April 15, 2024 @ 7PM
Location: John Remai Centre

July 15, 2024 @ 7PM
Location: Speedway Garage

Annual General Meeting
October TBD

To download our bylaws, please click here!

SSCRA Board and Executive

Note: Effective October 2019, there was an 8th Junior Director position added to help with the demands of Fanside. Effective October 2007, the Executive Committee was increased from 18 members to 19 members. This was done by adding an additional director and an additional junior director to the Executive Committee and the deletion of the Past President from the Executive Committee. Additionally 12 of the 19 positions (all except the junior directors) now hold a 2 year term, with 50% of the positions up for election every year. The junior director positions all hold a one year term.


Andrew Clewes

1st Vice President

Jeff Kozak

2nd Vice President

Brent Olson


Amanda Peters


Regan Clewes

Advertising and Promotions

Scott Kozak


Rob Howlett
Andy Fairbrother

Building and Grounds

Scott Barrand
Dale Johnson


Bill Fairbrother
Braxton Clewes
Kohl MacLaggan


Udi Saadon
Belinda Jeffrey

Jr Racing and Displays

Tom Quiring
Dorian Andre


Russel Smith
Justin Howlett

SSCRA Lifetime Members

The SSCRA is proud to recognize the following lifetime members:

  • Al Bakke
  • Dave Bone
  • Ken Bone
  • Stan Caron
  • Len Carriere
  • Andrew Clewes
  • Larry Baron
  • Ron Eby
  • Brien Wilson
  • Roger Carriere
  • Doug Cooper
  • Wally Eby
  • Jim Gaunt
  • Jerry Horsley
  • Rob Howlett
  • Doug Beinia
  • Eric Horsley
  • Kevin MacLaggan
  • Eric Huber
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Alex Leschenko
  • Ken Ross
  • Trent Seidel
  • Brent Olson
  • Al Blanke
  • Gary Regier
  • Shaun Storey
  • Heather Skakun
  • Steve Smith
  • Barry Stefaniuk
  • Brien Wilson
  • Bill Zubrecki
  • Russel Smith
  • Shaun Deagnon
  • Brad Wernick
  • Bobby Kirton

These individuals have been members of the SSCRA for a minimum 25 consecutive years. Thank you for your continued support of the SSCRA and racing in Saskatchewan!

SSCRA History

The History Wall will be 16 plaques wide by 16 plaques high. For ease of viewing, we have broken the wall up into two components – the left side and right side.

If you have photos that you would like to include on the History Wall, email them to Heather at

Order Form

If you wish to purchase a plaque on the history wall, please download and complete the form below. Completed forms must be faxed to or dropped off at our office.

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