SSCRA History

Our history hasn’t always followed a straight path, but despite the ups and downs, our amazing members and sponsors have known how to get us going again. We thank those who have supported and continue to support us over the years!


The SSCRA originated from the unincorporated Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Club, which was initially founded in 1954; the original racing program ran out of the 8th Street Racing Oval, called the Motordome, on land then owned by Andrew Hawrich.


As a result of the city’s expansion, the 8th Street Racing Oval was forced to close, and the SSCRA were on the hunt for new racing land. The old racetrack area is now a residential area between McKercher Drive and Moss Avenue.


Beginning in 1970, the SSCRA temporarily moved operations to the grandstand area at the current Prairieland Exhibition.


Bill Kusch, a farmer just east of Saskatoon, offered the SSCRA a 23-acre parcel of land for $1 down with ten years to pay off the remaining balance. Once they secured this land, George Frey, Al Bakke, and a few other SSCRA members went to the bank, offered up their homes as security, and obtained the financing needed to start the construction of a new track. This new track was named Bridge City Speedway.


The City of Saskatoon informed the SSCRA of its intention to annex the Bridge City Speedway into the boundaries of the City of Saskatoon. As was the case in 1968, this became necessary due to the city’s continued growth and expansion. Shortly after receiving this news, the SCCRA formed a Track Relocation Committee and began looking for another new location.


A 35-acre parcel of land became available, just north of the city in the Rural Municipality of Common Park. The SCCRA purchased this property and construction work commenced in April 2005.


The new facility, named Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, opened. It has proven to be one of the best racing facilities in Canada! Each year, drivers from across Canada and the United States compete here.


This year celebrated the SSCRA’s 50th Anniversary! What a milestone, and something that members and all those who have contributed to racing in Saskatoon over the years should be extremely proud of!


Our track attracted sponsor Wyant Group, and on February 3rd, 2016, we officially became Wyant Group Raceway.


New sponsor, Sutherland – renamed to Sutherland Automotive Speedway.

SSCRA History

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